Wholesale PriceList for PPR-AL-PPR Pipe to London Importers

Wholesale PriceList for
 PPR-AL-PPR Pipe to London Importers

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Our goal is to provide high quality products at competitive prices, and top-notch service to customers around the world. We are ISO9001, CE, and GS certified and strictly adhere to their quality specifications for Wholesale PriceList for PPR-AL-PPR Pipe to London Importers, We welcome you to inquire us by call or mail and hope to build a successful and cooperative relationship.

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  • Catalyst Product Development is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at https://www.d2p.com


    Unlike any other facility, the cross-functional expertise at Catalyst allows us to take a product idea from concept through completion–usually without leaving the building. It is not unusual to have a rough “napkin” sketch of a product come in the front door, and soon to have completed, finished products flowing out the back.

    Our largest standard part size is 18”x20”x10” or 14”x24”10”, however, that does not mean we cannot do larger parts.
    (We once built a mold for a golfcart dashboard in just 23 days.)

    We Like Aluminum

    95% of the mold inserts we build are from QC-7 or QC-10 Aluminum. These alloys are tough enough to last for thousands of mold cycles, but are soft enough to allow for quick tool building and easy changes. Often times we will insert the aluminum with P20 steel in areas with fine detail or complex shut-offs. If you have your heart set on all steel, though, we will build your entire mold out of P20.


    Our standard tolerances are +/-.005” in the tool geometry. Since dimensional tolerances are highly dependent on the material selected and on the part design, it is difficult to guarantee that especially tight tolerances will be met. However, if you have dimensions that are critical-to-function, let us know up front and we can build the tool “steel safe” or add interchangeable inserts that will allow for easier tool tuning to bring C-T-F’s into spec.


    We only mold thermoplastic resins at Catalyst, but we do not limit your choices. We have ran everything from 50% tungsten-filled nylon to polycarbonate with metal flake additive to glow-in-the-dark polypropylene to an experimental iridescent ABS (it was so cool!).

    Nothing Fancy

    While we do not have a problem with complex part designs, we try to keep the molds we build for them as simple as possible.
    We strive for short lead times at cost-effective prices.

    Side actions are pulled manually (handloads, pickouts, handpulls, etc.)
    We can add slides or lifters and look at full automation if the job calls for it.
    Single plate molds only. We don’t do manifolds or hot-runner systems, although we can add hot tips if needed.

    We also try to keep gating and ejection as simple as possible.
    We usually use an edge gate or direct sprue, but can do sub-gates, pin-gates, diaphragm gates.
    We try to stay with standard ejector pin systems, but have been known to use stripper plates, sleeves, as well as float a core now and then.

    putting in 24′ of concrete pipe for a driveway

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