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    We’ve got an AC not working. I actually already replaced the fuses and checked it out. We’ve got power here, but it’s not working. The compressor’s not hot, and the top of the fan motor’s not hot, so that leads me to look at the contactor. Looking at the contactor the contactor is just fine. It’s like brand new. I think it’s actually our capacitor, so I’m going to change that out. This is a dual cap, so it’s pretty simple to change out. I’m going to go ahead and pull my disconnect right here. I’ve got the brand new fuses in there. I’m going to go ahead and discharge the capacitor. Now when I check the voltage with my circuit alert device, we can change the capacitor safely. I’ll go grab that.

    OK, so I’m changing out the dual cap here. I’ve got my new one. You always want to make sure it’s the same microfarad. This is a 35.5 microfarad. So we’re going to connect herm, common and fan just the way it is here. We’ve got to loosen the holder here, and then slip each of the leads off. This yellow one is for the herm, or hermetic. It’s not a bad idea to replace the hard start kit at the same time, but this one looks pretty new. There we go, herm. Make sure our leads are all nice and tight. Here’s our fan wire. Let’s get our fan going. Again, make sure that’s nice and tight if not we can tighten these up. When it’s fairly tight then I’m going to squeeze that down just a tiny bit on those two. That’s good. We’re ready to go.

    There’s another way to wore this. You could do a single cap, a 35, and then do a single 5, put one wire to one side of the 5 and then a jumper wire going over, but that’s another story. I’ll save that for another video. I’ll show you that sometime if not today. Tuck this back here nice and secure. Then I’ll go ahead and fire it up or plug in our disconnect right here. That’s not good. OK. I’ll try. OK. The question is what’s going on. I’m going to pull the disconnect again and discharge the cap. Take a great look at all of our wire leads and verify everything is as it should be. And it’s there in front. Let’s check our wire in here. Everything is nice and solid there. The only thing it could be is this hard start kit or the contactor, so I’m going to grab both of them and just change them out. I’ll start with the hard start kit first. I also could verify we have both legs of power on both sides of the contactor or both sides of the wiring. It’s possible we lost a hot.

    This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the drain hose on a GE top-loading washing machine. The most common reasons for replacing the drain hose are when the washer is leaking water or won’t drain.

    Click here to purchase part #WH41X10096:


    Additional washing machine repair, troubleshooting tips, help with finding your model number and part replacement videos can be found on our website:


    All of the information for this drain hose replacement video is applicable to the following brands:
    GE, Hotpoint, RCA, Americana

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