Wholesale Dealers of Brass Mini Ball Valve for Singapore Factory

Wholesale Dealers of
 Brass Mini Ball Valve  for Singapore Factory

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In the past few years, our company absorbed and digested advanced technologies both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our company staffs a team of experts devoted to the development of Wholesale Dealers of Brass Mini Ball Valve for Singapore Factory, Standing still today and looking into the future, we sincerely welcome customers all over the world to cooperate with us.






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    A toilet that keeps running is annoying, not to mention expensive.

    Hey DIY Nation it’s Jeff and my video today shares several ways to fix a running toilet. I’m sharing my tips so that you don’t suffer from a $116 water bill like me.

    Painful yes. Preventable yes.

    Your toilet tank has a fill valve, flush valve, and flapper. And it’s these parts that ultimately lead to the toilet running.

    My $116 water bill could have been prevented by simply replacing the flapper. A $5 flapper to be precise. Just make sure you get one that fits your brand of toilet.

    The second way a leak occurs is when the flapper chain gets stuck between the flapper and flush valve. If you encounter this just trim the chain so that it doesn’t drape below the flapper. Problem solved.

    Sometimes the water in the tank is too high. If this is the case it will run over the overflow pipe and cause the tank to refill. You need to lower the tank’s water level to about 1 inch below the overflow pipe. Watch the video for a more in depth explanation. My fingers are getting sore from typing.

    And finally, if you do all this and your tank still is running you should simply change out the fill valve. It costs all of $10 and you’ll save even more by doing it yourself.

    My video has all the juicy details

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