Wholesale Dealers of 788 Bend Pipe to Romania Manufacturer

Wholesale Dealers of
 788 Bend Pipe to Romania Manufacturer

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We are also focusing on improving the stuff management and QC system so that we could keep great advantage in the fiercely-competitive business for Wholesale Dealers of 788 Bend Pipe to Romania Manufacturer, Welcome to build the well and long standing business relationships with our company to create a glorious future together .customers' satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

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    RITMO presents BASIC, the new Line of butt welding machines for pipes and joints in HDPE, PP, PB, PVDF with diameters ranging from 40 to 355 mm. BASIC was designed by thirty years of experience in manufacturing, producing reliable and versatile welding machines, adapt for all environments, even the harshest such as deserts and mines.

    The New BASIC Line is distinguished by the excellent quality price ratio, while maintaining reliability, precision and ease of use, along with RITMOs standards. With the New BASIC Line, RITMO makes its machines and work philosophy available to everyone!

    Ritmo S.P.A. presenta BASIC, la nueva gamma de maquinas para termofusión a tope, de tubos y accesorios en PE, PP, PB, PVDF, para diámetros comprendidos entre 40 y 355mm. Basic nace de treinta años de experiencia en la producción de maquinas de soldar versátiles y confiables, que operan en las condiciones mas desfavorables y extremas, como desiertos y minas.

    La gamma BASIC se distingue por la increíble relación calidad-precio, confiabilidad, eficacia y facilidad de uso, objetivo primario que distingue a RITMO.

    Con BASIC, RITMO pone al alcance de todos, sus maquinas y su filosofía de trabajo.

    This un-narrated video shows a Honda EU2000i gasoline-based generator operating from a standard 20 lb. BBQ-type propane (LP) tank using a tri-fuel (gasoline, propane, natural gas) conversion kit. It’s really more like a modification kit than a “conversion” kit – since it retains the use of gasoline, yet adds the ability to use propane and natural gas as well.

    High resolution still photos used in this video are posted at:


    Note that shutting off the propane tank valve stops the generator, thus demonstrating the generator was not running on gasoline. The both the gasoline cap vent and the newly installed gasoline fuel line petcock (valve) were closed for propane operation. If only operating off of propane, the ENGINE SWitch can be left in the ON position all the time – running or not. A Coleman-type 1 lb. camping tank can also be used, with the appropriate adapter.

    The kit uses a Garretson 039-122 (KN style) demand regulator to provide very low pressure propane gas to the modified carburetor. Make sure there are no gas leaks anywhere, or else generator will not start, not to mention potential for fire/explosion hazard. Kit was bought from an unnamed East Coast generator business. A number of brass fittings was bought separately to complete the setup.

    Note that 2 regulators are required, in series: 1) BBQ-type regulator takes high pressure gas from the propane tank and reduces it to low pressure, and the large demand regulator takes low pressure gas and reduces it to very low pressure. The gas from the “demand regulator” or “zero governor regulator” is drawn out by vacuum (negative pressure) as the generator engine runs (or by pulling on the starter cord).

    Here’s a nice video explaining the operation of such regulators:

    To revert back to gasoline operation (which I have not done yet), open the newly installed petcock and also seal up the propane inlet – then operate generator with gasoline as described in the user manual.

    DISCLAIMER: Perform any modification at your own risk!
    Always operate generators and keep propane tanks outdoors, never indoors!
    Generator modification will void warranty, so keep original carburetor!
    Follow standard safety procedures when dealing with propane or any other flammable/combustible gas.
    Consult qualified licensed electrician before connecting to household circuits.

    Thanks for watching!

    Please note that I do not check on comments that often, so it could take a really long time to approve them and reply – my apologies.

    Here’s some other good videos on this subject:


    Here’s someone else with a similar generator inlet setup:

    [ Nikon D3100 digital camera: photos, and video set to 720p, 24 fps, HD format.
    A few photos taken with Nokia N8 smartphone. Used Apple iMovie to create the video.]

    [ The original raw unlisted video is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDtcAGHAv10 ]

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