The JET STEAMER machine is a diesel-fired steam generator that supplies steam 35KW (42KG / h).

JET STEAMER allows to perform a quick steam car wash with only 3-5 litres of water, it does not need permits and does not require installation of drain installations or purification.

Thanks to micro vapour molecule that thoroughly cleans the surface, the body will become brilliant and easy to dry.

The steam is controlled in pressure from 0 to 11 Bar and it is possible to adjust steam humidity, therefore obtaining a saturated steam jet or a jet of steam and hot water.

The machine has 2 independent steam output, at both you can apply a steam gun or launches double CVK57 with high-pressure hoses up 20-30 meters.

The steam gun is used for steam car wash water-less, to eliminate bacteria in the kitchens, butchers, abattoirs, industrial bakeries, bakeries, cleaning and sanitation in environments subject to HACCP control.

The lance double CVK57 using steam and detergent, exceptional for the construction work, removal of chewing gum, walls cleaning, graffiti removal and more.

The steam and detergent functions can be operated directly on the gun with mechanical and shortcuts.

The high-pressure hoses, designed not to disperse pressure and temperature and do not contain electrical wires, are therefore robust, lightweight, easy to handle and reliable.

Post time: Oct-20-2017
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