Renewable Design for 770 PPR Female Thread Coupling Supply to Paraguay

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  • Learn how to set up Frequency Output on a T-mass 65 flowmeter.

    PICV – pressure Independent Control valve

    Is a combined valve comprises of three types of valves:

    1- Differential Pressure control valve (Delte P =0) – Automatic pressure control
    2- Regulating valve ((DRV) – which regulate or stop the flow(Adjustable flow limiter)
    3- 2-Port (2 way) control valve


    1- Valve actuator – it has an auto- spring return mechanism.
    2- Field Adjustable Flow Limiter – Presetting prevents oversupply to the coil
    3- Control Valve – Brass trim with stainless steel stem – ANSI 250 rating
    4- Automatic Differential Pressure Regulator Regulator
    5- Optional P/T (pressure/temperature) Test Points

    how it works:

    Hot/chilled water or 50% water-glycol solutions in closed loop systems enter the valve and pass through a variable rectangular adjustable flow limiter that is connected to the ring with the dial for presetting the maximum volumetric flow.
    The medium then flows through the temperature control valve with a linear characteristic and a stroke of 5 or 6.5 mm. A powerful spring ensures safe closing.

    Before leaving the valve, the medium passes through a second throttling point controlled by the built-in mechanical automatic differential pressure regulator . This regulator is the heart of the valve and ensures that the selected volumetric flow is maintained across the whole differential pressure working range.

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