Renewable Design for 7503 PPR Ball Valve Wholesale to Lithuania

Renewable Design for
 7503 PPR Ball Valve Wholesale to Lithuania

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Innovation, quality and reliability are the core values of our company. These principles today more than ever form the basis of our success as an internationally active mid-size company for Renewable Design for 7503 PPR Ball Valve Wholesale to Lithuania, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

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  • 12 foot cannon, with 6″ schedule 80 combustion chamber.
    Meter pipe for presrcibed amount of Propane, needs to be withing 4-9 percent of the air in the chamber for proper combustion, too much or too little will result in a fail to ignite.
    10-11 seconds hangtime with tennisball.
    I have achieved almost 14 seconds with a solid ball, although quite dangerous.
    Estimated height is about 800 feet.
    Have to recalculate, it could be more, but tennis balls act weird in flight.

    the meter pipe uses a shrader valve to inject propane into the chamber.
    The chamber has a 5″ computer fan mounted inside with electrical contacts outside the chamber via threaded rod to attach the power supply.
    The vent cap is custom, utilizing a 1 1/2″ rubber plug and a hole drilled in the end cap center. The plug has a threaded rod and wingnuts to allow the plug to opened and closed without removing the endcap for air circulation.
    Barrel has male/female custom ground slip fit adapter for seamless connect of 2 barrel lengths.

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