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With a sound business credit, excellent after-sales service and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation among our customers across the world for Professional factory selling 771 PPR Male Thread Coupling to Ecuador Factories, We have confident that we can provide the high quality products at resonable price, good after-sales service to the customers. And we will create a bright future.

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    HammerHead Trenchless Equipment featured its HydraLiner™ Composite Inversion Drum lineup at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    HammerHead is the first and only company in North America to offer a composite inversion drum, the latest in inversion drum technology.

    Lower Weight Make Jobs Easier and Faster
    Drum weight has been cut by as much as 31% over similar sized models. This reduced weight combined with large rubber wheels and an easy to use handle make unloading/loading and jobsite transport faster and easier. The new composite Hydra inversion drum weighs just 159 lbs. compared to the similar sized steel drum at 232 lbs.

    Increased Inversion Drum Liner Capacity
    Decreased drum weight isn’t the only advantage of using composites; the liner carrying capacity has also been increased by as much as 35% compared to similar sized steel units. This additional carrying capacity increases the length of the lining jobs you can accomplish and also makes longer shots easier by providing additional working room inside the drum.

    Steam, Hot Water or Ambient, Cure it Your Way with One Drum!
    Our composite drums easily withstand the higher temperatures needed for steam curing so you can use them for whatever your job or personal preferences call for. In addition they are easily maintained, corrosion free, and are seamless which eliminates a common drum failure point.

    Different Inversion Drum Sizes to Meet Your Needs
    Mini-Hydra Composite Inversion Drum: Designed for easy access into basements and confined spaces. The Mini-Hydra drum may be small, but it can invert as much as 80 feet of HammerHead liner in one application. With its removable dolly and multi positional drum, the Mini-Hydra unit packs a big punch. Hydra Composite Inversion Drum: Designed to fit most project requirements, the Hydra can carry as much as 140 feet of liner and features a rotational drum to simplify installations based on your job site conditions. Tel:0086 177 5118 0522
    JIANGSU TURUI MACHIERY is devoted to produce research and develope Plastic Machinery Industry, we manufacture a wide range of plastic machine from Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machinery Line; Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine, Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line, Plastic Board Extruder machinery, PVC window profile extrusion line; ppr pipe extrusion line, pe pipe extrusion line, pe corrugated extrusion line, pvc corrugared pipe extrusion line, washing and recycling machinery line. pp/pe film washing and recycling line; pet bottle washing and recycling line. PC/PP/PE Hollow Grid Board Sheet Extrusion Line.
    Компания JIANGSU TURUI MACHINERY является профессиональным изготовителем и производителем оборудования для производства трубы,профили,панели и так далее.Наша продукция состоит из следующих видов:
    Оборудование для Производства Изделия
    Оборудование для производства Трубы ПВХ / ППР/ПЕ (Например Гофрированные трубы
    ,Волокна армированной трубы,Санитарные трубы,трубопровод и так далее.)
    Оборудование для производства Фасонные Профили(Например Потолочные панели,ПВХ окно и двери,уплотнение окна,и так далее.)
    Оборудование для производства древесно пластиковый композитный доски или панели(ДПК доски WPC panel) из порошок ПВХ или из ПЕ.
    Оборудование для производства Поликарбонатного сотового панели,и полипробиленового сотового панели.(PC hollow grid board production line,PP hollow grid board production line)
    ПЕТ плёнки (PET SHEET,APET SHEET,CPET), полистирол плёнки(GPPS sheet),ABS,PMMA,HIPS sheet оборудования.
    Оборудование для отработанных пластмасс и вторичного сырьё
    Моечная линия для переработки ПЭТ бутылок,Полипробилен,Полиэтилен
    Моечная линия для переработки Плёнки Полиэтилен, Мешок Полипробилен.
    Гранулятор для Плёнки Полиэтилен, Мешок Полипробилен,Полистирол,PA нейлон,этиленвинилацетат EVA,и ПВХ.
    Вспомогательные Оборудование
    Дробилка, шредер, измельчитель, высокоскоростная смеситель,загрузчик, аккумлятор

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