OEM Customized wholesale 774 Elbow 45° Supply to Morocco

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 774 Elbow 45° Supply to Morocco

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  • How to make a Batarang with PVC pipe – Batman

    This is a great Batarang project to play with or just for decor.
    Who would have guessed you could turn some old PVC pipe into an awesome Batarang?
    In this project I am turning some old plumbing supplies into one of Batman’s most recognized throwing weapons.

    I was inspired to make this shurakin project after watching a project by Grant Thompson – The King of Random :

    And after finding a PVC pipe Batarang on Instructables.com :


    I first started out by searching the internet and printed off a couple templates that were promising.
    Now a shuriken is often made of metal, but I wanted to try something a little different.
    I had a bunch of leftover pieces of PVC pipe from previous projects, so I grabbed one of the 3 inch pieces and proceeded to cut it in half long ways.
    I then took the cut pipe outside and laid it on a piece of wood to prevent scratching.
    Using a heat gun, I carefully heated the pipe for bending.
    Because of the thickness of this pipe, it does take a little time to fully heat without burning it, so I took my time.
    As the pipe started to flatten, I used an old shelf to aid in the process.
    Once it was fully horizontal, I gave it some time to cool and it kept the shape perfectly.
    I then cut out the 2 templates and decided to go with the small version first, But it was in light gray.
    So I took a black magic marker and colored around the edges to make them more visible.
    I then used some stick glue to attach the paper to the PVC and let it fully cure.
    I then used a scroll saw to slowly cut around the template making sure to not to overcut.
    Next I used a bench sander to clean up some of the rough surface, but I needed a small file to reach some for the tight places. Clamping the batarang to a bench for this process works great.
    I then peeled off the paper to prepare for paint, but something was missing.
    So I took the batarang back over to the bench sander and added some edging to the top and bottom of the wings. The edges do not have to be sharp, but a nice slant makes the shuriken look even better.
    This can also be done with a file.
    I then pushed the edge of a wing and gave it a quick spray of flat black paint. After it dried, I flipped it over and gave it a second coat.
    The batarang looked awesome, but it still needed one more accent.
    So I took a sanding block and lightly sanded the edge of the wings. The process is slow but the ending outcome is totally worth it.
    I did make a slightly larger version for a display and I gave it a metallic paint.
    At this point, I wanted to know if this new toy would handle a little target practice.
    So I setup an old postal shipping box and gave it a few throws.
    It took a little time to get the throwing angle and distance correct, but it was discovered, the batarang worked great.

    Isaiah 54:17

    Remember to be safe and never throw them at people or property.
    Just remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur. Please use caution when using anything made from PVC.
    Use of video content for personal projects is at your own risk.

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    Music from YouTube Library

    Premiering on August 31, 1941, The Great Gildersleeve moved the title character from the McGees’ Wistful Vista to Summerfield, where Gildersleeve now oversaw his late brother-in-law’s estate and took on the rearing of his orphaned niece and nephew, Marjorie (originally played by Lurene Tuttle and followed by Louise Erickson and Mary Lee Robb) and Leroy Forester (Walter Tetley). The household also included a cook named Birdie. Curiously, while Gildersleeve had occasionally spoken of his (never-present) wife in some Fibber episodes, in his own series the character was a confirmed bachelor.

    In a striking forerunner to such later television hits as Bachelor Father and Family Affair, both of which are centered on well-to-do uncles taking in their deceased siblings’ children, Gildersleeve was a bachelor raising two children while, at first, administering a girdle manufacturing company (“If you want a better corset, of course, it’s a Gildersleeve”) and then for the bulk of the show’s run, serving as Summerfield’s water commissioner, between time with the ladies and nights with the boys. The Great Gildersleeve may have been the first broadcast show to be centered on a single parent balancing child-rearing, work, and a social life, done with taste and genuine wit, often at the expense of Gildersleeve’s now slightly understated pomposity.

    Many of the original episodes were co-written by John Whedon, father of Tom Whedon (who wrote The Golden Girls), and grandfather of Deadwood scripter Zack Whedon and Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog).

    The key to the show was Peary, whose booming voice and facility with moans, groans, laughs, shudders and inflection was as close to body language and facial suggestion as a voice could get. Peary was so effective, and Gildersleeve became so familiar a character, that he was referenced and satirized periodically in other comedies and in a few cartoons.


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