The introduction of Plastic Aluminum Composite Pipe

Our products,Plastic Aluminum Composite Pipe,It can also manufacture PPR-AL-PPR composite pipes, PPR-AL-PERT composite pipes, etc. The aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good thermal insulation performance, and the inner and outer walls are not easy to corrode. Because the inner wall is smooth, there is little resistance to fluid; Bend at will, so installation and construction are convenient. As a water supply pipe, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength.

At present, there are mainly three types of composite pipes on the market. The first is that the inner and outer layers are made of polyethylene, the second is that the inner and outer layers are made of cross-linked polyethylene, the outer layer is made of polyethylene, and the third is that the inner and outer layers are both cross-linked polyethylene. Ethylene, the middle layer is aluminum layer.

In addition, our company supports OEM services, as long as you can customize it for you according to your samples, colors, materials, etc. We can also provide you with free samples for quality inspection.


Post time: Dec-14-2020

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