Characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

The aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good thermal insulation performance, the inner and outer walls are not easy to corrode, because the inner wall is smooth, the resistance to fluid is small; and because it can be bent at will, it is convenient to install and construct. As a water supply pipe, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength.
If the lateral force is too large, the strength will be affected. Therefore, it should be constructed with exposed pipes or buried in the wall, or even buried underground. (Aluminum-plastic composite pipes can also be buried in the ground. For example, the pipes used in floor heating are aluminum-plastic composite pipes). The connection of the aluminum-plastic composite pipes is a ferrule type (or a compression type). Through strict pressure test, check whether the connection is firm. The second is to prevent frequent vibration and loosen the ferrule. The third is to leave enough installation amount in the length direction to avoid pulling off.


Post time: Nov-15-2020

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