Advantages of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

1. Good flexibility, coil pipes below φ32 can be used as coils. According to different pipe diameters, there are coils of 100 meters and 50 meters. The storage and transportation of coiled tubes are more convenient than straight tubes.

2. Outstanding hygienic performance, with aluminum film in the middle, which can not only block light, but also block oxygen, and prevent the breeding of microorganisms and algae.

3. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, the aluminum-plastic pipe has a small thermal expansion coefficient, and the pipe itself can digest a certain amount of deformation without causing thermal expansion and deformation of the pipeline system.

4. Long service life. Because the middle aluminum layer of the aluminum-plastic tube separates the inner and outer layers, the outer plastic allows the addition of stabilizers that can resist light and oxygen aging without affecting the sanitation of the inner layer in contact with water, thereby enhancing its anti-aging performance .


Post time: Nov-20-2020

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