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With reliable quality process, good reputation and perfect customer service, the series of products produced by our company are exported to many countries and regions for High Quality High quality Amico brass ball Valve Export to Portugal, As we are moving forward, we keep an eye on our ever-expanding product range and make improvement to our services.






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  • The HCV Valve cartridge replacement (https://chromaticindustries.com/hemiwedge/install-maintenance) is one of the easiest to perform in the valve industry.

    Some of the key features include a mechanical seal, stationary core, unique cartridge design and a quarter-turn operation. The tapered hemispherical closure member (Hemi) rotates around a stationary core. The Hemi wedges into a seat applying an independent positive load as a result of the taper for a reliable bubble-tight shutoff. Some of the benefits of this mechanical seal are the valve will seal at both low and high pressures, bi-directional sealing and improved closing reliability in ESD applications. The stationary core within the HCV Valve protects the seals and seating surfaces from media flow, providing greatly increased service life and reliability. Some of the benefits of the stationary core include low erosion of pressure containing components, high flow coefficient and the valve is a through conduit which can pass pigs. All trim components are housed in a single pre-tested cartridge which can be easily replaced without special tools or pulling the valves from the line. The easily removable cartridge results in minimal downtime for repair, confidence in making a reliable repair with pre-tested cartridge and weld end valves do not have to be removed and/or reinstalled. The quarter-turn (90°) operation is consistent with industry standards and helps in delivering an overall lower total cost of operation. The HCV valve is easy to operate, has a low profile for use in skids and offshore applications and utilizes existing ball valve actuation and sizing principles.

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