Factory wholesale price for 779 TEE for Surabaya Factories

Factory wholesale price for
 779 TEE for Surabaya Factories

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Our development depends on the advanced equipment, excellent talents and continuously strengthened technology forces. Factory wholesale price for 779 TEE for Surabaya Factories, Our professional technical team will be wholeheartedly at your service. We sincerely welcome you to visit our website and company and send us your inquiry.

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  • Automated dual head high speed tube filling closing machine filler seal for plastic tubes
    Ointment cream lotion paste tubes filling sealing high speed equipment filler sealer machinery
    Model YX-FS60-II
    Voltage 220V/380v/50Hz/60Hz
    Productivity 80-100pcs/min
    Filling volumE 3-250 ml(customized)
    Tube diameteR 11-38mm(customized)
    Tube length 50-200mm(customized)
    Max power 7.5KW
    Water consumption 3-6L/min
    Machine weight About 1300kg
    Dimension(L*W*H) 2950×1300×1800mm
    Use rotary piston way, filling precision, using light point control, heated sealing all work with high precision
    cylinder full stroke control, easy to adjust filling volume, the filling speed can be adjusted.
    It applies to all kindsof composite tubes, plastic pipe and
    metal pipe filling and sealing, date printing, cut the tail.
    Sealing neat appearance, sealing strong, high accuracy, good stability.
    According to the different material properties, Optional ingredients bucket
    heating system, anti-leak filling head, Machine adopts imported PLC control, import the
    original frequency control, pneumatic components using (AIRTAC),
    import original (SICK) photoelectric sensors,high stability, imported hot air flow meter
    and the formation of hot air heating system.
    Double Nozzle lip butter Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
    Packaging materials and filling materials Scope:
    1) soft tube, plastic pipe, composite pipe.
    2) ointment, cream, gel viscosity fluids agents.
    Applicable industries:
    Cosmetics, light industry (household chemicals), pharmaceutical, food and other industries
    for enterprise product selection to the hose for the packaging container, the device suitable
    for ointments, creams, gels or viscosity fluid filling, and then sealing the hose tail and print
    code, the system produces the finished product.
    Soft tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used for the packaging containers of plastic hose material
    quantitative filling, sealing, this machine is widely used in pharmaceutical,
    cosmetic, food, chemical and other industries packaging. Such as ointments, gels, adhesives,
    AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste and other liquid or paste
    filling and sealing materials.
    Double Nozzle lip butter Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
    work procedure:
    Automatic tube feeding→ tube position (hose container) → automatic identification label
    located on pipe → → filling quantity control test + + [hose internal cleansing (option)] → filling →
    heating the tube (inner heating for plastic tube, outer heating for compound tube) →
    tail shaping and sealing → tail cutting → Print → finished discharge code
    Double Nozzle Ointment Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
    Optional accessories:
    Optional: external chiller system, water cooler
    Optional: Laminated barrel insulation device
    Optional: barrel internal mixing device
    Optional: Alien sealing device (wave-shaped sealing device; arc-shaped sealing device; T-type punching and sealing devices, etc.)
    Optional: multicolor filling system
    Optional: less than 3ml / branch dedicated filling device
    Optional: automatic feeding pump
    Optional: finished tube output conveyor
    Double Nozzle lip butter Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
    Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.
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