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Our target is to consolidate and improve the quality and service of existing products, meanwhile constantly develop new products to meet different customers' demands for Factory wholesale HDPE Pipe to Liverpool Importers, Welcome to set up long-term relationship with us. Best Price For Good Quality in China.

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    Shenzhen Fengtai Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Medium Frequency Induction Metal Melting Furnace:

    Medium frequency induction melting furnaces are mainly used for the melting of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold, iron,and aluminum materials, etc. melting capacity can be from 05kg to 50Ton.

    IGBT high frequency induction heating machine

    Metal forging,hardening,brazing, annealing, melting,shrink fit, thermal compound,plastic machine nuts cylinder heating etc. other industry. 1. Hot forming/forging of the standard components and fasteners

    2. Hot forging of the automobile and motorcycle parts, metallic tools

    3. Hot forging of embryo gear parts

    4. Heat distortion of bars 5. Other forging applications.

    6. Suitable for workpiece with various shape and different diameter 7. Customized forging production solution

    Induction brazing weld machine

    which, like the two kinds of metal material or different materials together, specific applications are as follows:
    1.Hard alloy cutting tools, such as turning tool, milling cutter, drilling bit
    2.Mould mining tool, such as bore bit, coal puncheon
    3.ompressor tube fitting of refrigerator, copper wire of motor
    4.Induction brazing of copper/ sliver/ tin of automobile

    surface induction heat treatment machine / induction hardening machine
    1. Various hardware and tools, such as plier, wrench, hammer, ax, nuts tools and shear (orchard shear).
    2. Various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, arm shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft and fork.
    3. Electric tools, such as gear and axes.
    4. Machine tools, such as lathe deck .
    5. Various hardware metal parts and machined parts, such as shaft, gear (chain wheel), cam, chuck and clamp etc.
    6. Hardware molds, such as small-size mold, mold accessory and inner hole of mold.
    induction quenching machine
    7. Other metal products.
    heat treatment for tube
    Preheat & Post Welding Heat Treatment Machine:Heating tubes, preheating before welding, post weld heat treatment, heat assembly, thermal spraying, mold heating
    Vacuum melting furnace :1kg -500kg
    Bearing induction heater
    Industrial air-cooled chiller
    Graphite crucible, clay crucible, silicon carbide dry stock, corundum crucible

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