Factory supplied 776 Female Thread Elbow 90° Export to Saudi Arabia

Factory supplied
 776 Female Thread Elbow 90° Export to Saudi Arabia

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  • We built a ram pump to pump water from a small creek, uphill to the camping area 30 feet higher and 800 feet away from the water hole. We didn’t have any electricity to do the pumping, so a ram pump is a great option. It works using the water-hammer principal and the power of the moving water, with very few moving parts. This water will be used for irrigation of some new apple trees, and also a supply of fresh water for the camp.
    This was a test. After tuning & adjustments we fully expect a height of 60′ where the header tanks will be located. From the header tanks, the water will be gravity-fed to the camp 30′ below.

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    WINNING CONDITION: Play 18 Holes.

    REMEMBER: This video is a full Playthrough of Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach from start until I the game is beaten or the winning condition has been met.

    Special thanks to Tetohmu for making the thumbnail.

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