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We have many excellent staff members good at marketing, QC, and dealing with kinds of troublesome problem in the production process for Factory directly provide PE80 Pipe for Palestine Manufacturer, Our company maintains safe business mixed by truth and honesty to keep long-term relationships with our customers.

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  • Pipas com cerol
    Molecada de Araras-SP
    A pipa, also known in Brazil as “cafifa”, “papagaio”, “quadrado”, “piposa”, “pandorga”, “arraia” or “pepeta” is a toy that flies established in the opposition enters the force of the wind and of the insured rope for the operator. She is composed of a structure armed that supports a paper plan that has the wing function, supporting the toy. As the model can count on one “rabiola”, that one is tail imprisoned in the inferior part to provide paper or fine plastic ribbon stability, generally done, or same of cloth, moored to a line. He is one of the toys more used by children, adolescents and until adults. In the maiorias of the times, it does not have an appropriate place for the practical one of this trick. The “pipeiros”, as are called, finish playing in way wires high-voltage in streets and avenues. Many “pipeiros” wet the line of the pipe with cerol, a resultant substance of the glue mixture and glass, with intention to cut the line of other operators, in a type of dispute. Such practical finishes provoking accidents with the proper pipeiros and other people as, for example, motorcyclists who have its necks cut when being reached by the line.
    Uma pipa, também conhecido no Brasil como cafifa, papagaio, quadrado, piposa, pandorga, arraia ou pepeta é um brinquedo que voa baseado na oposição entre a força do vento e a da corda segurada pelo operador.
    É composta de uma estrutura armada que suporta um plano de papel que tem a função de asa, sustentando o brinquedo. Conforme o modelo pode contar com uma rabiola, que é um adereço preso na parte inferior para proporcionar estabilidade, geralmente feitas de fitas plásticas finas ou de papel, ou mesmo de pano, amarradas a uma linha.
    É um dos brinquedos mais utilizados por crianças, adolescentes e até adultos. Na maiorias das vezes, não há um local apropriado para a prática desta brincadeira. Os pipeiros, como são chamados, acabam brincando em meio a fios de alta tensão em ruas e avenidas.
    Muitos pipeiros molham a linha da pipa com cerol, uma substância resultante da mistura de cola e vidro, com o intuito de cortar a linha de outros operadores, em um tipo de disputa. Tal prática acaba provocando acidentes com os próprios pipeiros e com outras pessoas como, por exemplo, motoqueiros que tem seus pescoços cortados ao serem atingidos pela linha.
    ft: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipa_(brinquedo)

    How to use a torque wrench


    This video from Norbar Torque Tools, the world’s torque specialists, takes you through the best practice use of a Norbar Torque Wrench.

    The most common wrench is called a click wrench. It will indicate by a mechanical mechanism when a pre-set torque has been reached. The pre-set value can be set by the user, or by a Quality Control Department. The second most common torque wrench is used to check an already tightened bolt.

    It can have a mechanical or electronic sensing mechanism and can display by means of an electronic or analogue display. There are other tools referred to as “torque wrenches”. These are powered by pressurised oil or air and are known as hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches. The use of these devices is more complex and will be covered in a later article.

    Most torque wrenches are used for tightening nuts and bolts accurately although there are also some other uses. These other uses will be discussed in another article. There are two main reasons why we use a torque wrench.

    One reason is to achieve the correct level of tightness. The bolt needs to be stretched to create a clamping force on the assembly. If the torque value is too low, the assembly will not be secure. If the torque is too high, the bolt may break. The torque wrench allows the operator to tighten the bolt as the designer intended.

    The other reason to use a torque wrench is to be consistent on every bolt in the assembly. Used properly the torque wrench will ensure that all bolts have the same torque applied.
    The effect of badly tightened bolts can be seen in lost time, money and lives. A machine stops working and takes weeks to repair. A bridge collapses. A wheel comes free from a truck and hits a car travelling in the other direction. Good quality torque wrenches do save time, money and lives.

    The largest part of the uncertainty comes from the operator. Problems will arise if the torque value cannot be set correctly. Unfortunately many wrenches have a scale that is difficult to read, or becomes worn away with use. It can also be difficult to position the cursor accurately. Some wrenches have a vernier scale to help. These will only work with one set of units. Be sure whether the vernier is designed for the N.m, kgf.m or lbf.ft scale.

    The operator will also affect the torque by using the wrench too fast. The “click” wrench is designed to give a physical signal when the desired torque is reached. If the wrench is operated too quickly, the torque will go too high before the operator can stop.

    With dial or electronic indicating wrenches, the operator must be able to see the dial or display. This can be difficult in applications where there is poor light or limited access. Finally the operator must apply a smooth and slow force at 90 degrees to the wrench. Side loads can alter the torque applied and may cause the wrench to slip off the bolt.

    There are many different styles and qualities of torque wrench available. With the correct selection, operation and maintenance, a torque wrench can save you time and money. To make the correct decisions you may need to seek the advice of specialist torque tool provider like Norbar Torque Tools.

    Further information on the use of Norbar’s products can be obtained from our website, from the literature supplied with them and by contacting Norbar or our distributors.

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