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  • How to diagnose and fix an outboard fuel line problem.

    Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to replace a water leaking toilet supply line.
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    OK. Got a leaking supply line here. I saw all the discolored baseboards down there and knew something was going on there. Anyway you can feel right here. It’s all wet so. Normally I would say wear gloves but on this one after making the repair we’re going to need to test it anyway so. I will just have to wash my hands but anyway. You can turn off the water at the angle stop here. Shuts off the water. It is a good idea to flush the toilet at this point to prove the water is turned off. You don’t have to drain all the water from the toilet tank because the fill valve is a one way valve. At least I should say on this particular type and most types you don’t so. There will be some water left in the hose. For easy cleaning up you can throw a rag underneath it and just let that fall on the rag. It’s an easy clean up. Looks like this thing has been leaking for a little while. It’s got all this goopy goo on it. Nasty! Alright. Out with the old. In with the new. These new ones are pretty nice in that you can just hand tighten them on. You don’t even need channel locks on the top part. OK. And than for the stub here. Just have to be careful to not get this cross threaded here. Anyway these are the good kind of supply line in that they are braided so they have pretty strong supply line. The bursting pressure I forget exactly what it is. I want to say twelve hundred psi but I can’t remember. I’ll just say they hold up really well. I usually use my leathermen for this. Anyway now we’ll turn our angle stop back on and test for any leaks. All around here. All of the fittings. Everything feels alright there. Let me dry it off first. Alright. Give it a flush test. And we’re all set there. One new supply line. Nice and easy.

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