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We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market for 13 Years Manufacturer Made in China All Types Brass Ball Valves for Belgium Manufacturer, Welcome to build the well and long standing business relationships with our company to create a glorious future together .customers' satisfaction is our eternal pursuit






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  • www.baitbullet.co.za www.baitbullet.co.za www.baitbullet.co.za

    Free delivery is included anywhere in South Africa!
    Visit www.baitbullet.co.za to order yours now!

    Note: BaitBullet is excellent for Dam, Lake & River fishing but is not recommended for surf fishing due to the extreme winds & currents associated with surf fishing which limit it’s effectiveness……….

    BaitBullet is purpose built for casting your baited line a far distance, the build takes into account weight, portability & ease of use but at the same time cost effectiveness & durability through simplicity. The BB Launcher is a compressed air powered bait launcher built 99% from pressure rated PVC, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber & nylon which makes it very weather resistant & light weight, a unique MMAFV (manual mass air flow valve) has been developed & incorporated which delivers excellent C.A. dump capability to cast, with your line, a pre-prepared ice bullet containing your bait, hook & trace. Your sinker, etc is attached externally to your line. A convenient stand supports the launcher and your rod. The standard finish is a black rubberised coating which is protective & durable for outdoor use on rocks & sand. Can also be over sprayed to any colour if desired.

    www.baitbullet.co.za www.baitbullet.co.za www.baitbullet.co.za

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    PQAS and Predecessor Air Mobile Lab
    Petroleum Quality Analysis System
    ,Capabilities HMMWV (M113)
    Expandable Light weight Multi-Purpose Shelter (S-788/GTypeIII) Fisher-Panda Combo Auxiliary Power Unit 10kW (APU)
    Environmental Control Unit 24K BTU (ECU) Analytical Instrumentation Subsystem (AIS) Computer Data Acquisition (CDA) Tent Structure 11ft X 11 ft (MCPS) High Mobility Trailer (M1102) Shelter ,System Equipment Data Overall Height Shelter (reduced)103.9” Shelter (expanded)118.8” HMT Rear Upper Provision100.6” Overall Length HMMWV Front Tie Down to HMT Rear Tie Down339.8” Overall Width92.4” System Weight (HMMWV, lab, trailer with 30 day supply)13,290 lbs Lab shelter, AIS, and CDA 3,200 lbs HMT plus Shelter with 30 day supply 3,380 lbs HMMWV, Shelter and 30 day supply 9,910 lbs
    ,Exterior Equipment Hand Hold
    Roof Escape Hatch Antenna Mounts Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Filtered Fresh Air Intake Air Vent (SPA) Ladder Personnel Door ,Exterior Equipment Lifting Rings
    Locking Bars Purge Port Roof Extension Drive Steps Power Entry Panel Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Roof Lift System Drain Plug ,Interior of Shelter Flash Point
    Filtration Vacuum Pump Freeze Point Density Balance Balance Platform Printer Ruggedize Computer X-Ray Distillation 12. Aqua Glo (in drawer)
    13. Fire Extinguisher (Auto) 14. Conductivity (in drawer) ,Interior of Shelter Gas Detector Panel (Neutronics) with remote sensors
    Emergency Eye Wash First Aid Kit Sample Prep Area (SPA) Oven Desiccator Water De-ionizer Fire Extinguisher (manual operation) Cases for Microseparometer and Balance ,Trailer Roll Top Doors on both sides of trailer Rear Door Fire Extinguisher: 15 lbs mounted on front exterior Tail Gate Maximum Load Line Landing Port Legs Hazard Placard on all sides of trailer
    ,Trailer Load MCPS Tent
    Tables and Lights
    Boot Wall: front and rear 30 Day Supply of consumables Waste Fuel Cans mounted on exterior brackets Fire Extinguisher: 15 lbs mounted on front exterior Common Tool Set Grounding Rods and Tools Pioneer Tools (HMMWV) ,Shock Mounting System Spring coil mounted system to protect Analytical Instruments.
    ,Flash Point Determines the temperature at which a substance produces a flammable mixture with air.
    D93 Pensky Test took 40 minutes to complete Current Test takes 10 minutes to complete 1 ml of dodecane to calibrate 1 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing ,Filtration and Vacuum Provides filtration to analyze contamination. Used to create vacuum to pull air for the Filtration Test.
    ,Analytical Balance Used for weighing samples before and after testing.
    Measures to 4 decimal points Stored in case under the counter. ,Freeze Point Used to determine cloud, freeze, and pour point. Previous test took 45 minutes to complete
    Current test takes 10 minutes to complete 1 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing ,Density Used to determine the density of gases, liquids and solutions.
    Current test takes less than 10 minutes to complete 10 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing Uses 6 ml of acetone for purging ,XRay Spectrometer Used to measure concentrations of lead and sulfur.
    Fill cup 2/3rds full (approximately 2 ml) of diesel or JP – 8 ,Distillation Used to calculate the distillation and volatility characteristics of a petroleum sample.
    Previous test took 45 minutes to complete Current test takes 10 minutes to complete. 10 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing ,Oven Used for drying filtration papers for filtration test.
    ,Desiccator Used for holding dried filtration papers for filtration test.
    ,Water Purification Unit De-ionized water container Produces and stores de-ionized water for use in performing analytical tests Water purifier and diaphragm pump
    ,Microseparometer Used to rate the ability of a fuel sample to release water.
    Stored under the counter. 175 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing ,Aqua Glo Water Detector Measures the water content of a fuel sample.
    Stored in Drawer #3. 200 ml of diesel or JP- 8 for testing ,Conductivity Meter

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